Eastham Forum Presents Pre-Town Meeting Information Hearing

Open to the General Public, 9 AM, Saturday, April 28, 2012 in Eastham Town Hall

The Eastham Forum will host a Public Information Hearing on Saturday, April 28th in the Eastham Town Hall.

The Hearing will feature Town Administrator Sheila Vanderhoef to explain the various Articles on the Warrant for the May 2nd Annual Town Meeting.

The Complete Town Meeting Warrant can be found at this link: Eastham 2012 Annual Town Meeting Warrant .

Wind Generated Power vs. Solar Panels

The Eastham Forum Website intends on providing several points of view on the critical issues facing our Community. A primer discussion considering wind turbine generators and solar panels can be found in the Reading Room, or by following the link Wind Generated Power vs. Solar Panels. Check the Reading Room regularly for other points of view on this and our other important issues.

Eastham Firefighters and Patrolmen Help Their Community

Let us not forget that our Firefighters and Patrolmen are members of our Community, they are our neighbors, relatives and friends. They have consistently used funds raised through their Associations to help provide safety equipment in a timely manner, thus avoiding the arduous process of Capital Expenditure Plans and Town Funding procedures. Below is another example of their efforts in serving our community as reported in Wicked Cape Local:

Eastham Fire Fighters Local 2975 and the Eastham Patrolmen’s Union Local 368 have donated two cabinets for automatic external defibrillators to Nauset Regional High School.

“The alarmed cabinets will allow the automatic external defibrillators to be accessible, not only during the school day for students and staff, but also during night and weekend events at the school,” said health teacher Geoff Leary.

More than 150 students and staff at the high school are certified by the American Red Cross to use these life-saving defibrillators.

Thank you, guys and ladies of the Fire Department and Police Department for always being there for us, and being an important member of our Community.

The U.S. Supreme Court Has Recently Heard Arguments in a Case Involving Beach Ownership Following Funded Beach Restoration

The U.S. Supreme Court is taking on a case involving the ownership rights to beaches extended due to publicly funded beach restoration efforts. Read the News Article Beach Rights Case.

On December 2, The Supreme Court listened to arguments in Case No. 08-1151, Stop the Beach Renourishment, Inc. v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection, et al.

The Briefs presented to the Supreme Court can be found at the following link Stop the Beach Renourishment, Inc. v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection, et al.

The transcripts for the arguments presented before the Supreme Court can be found at the following link Stop the Beach Renourishment Arguments.

This case may impact or reinforce the ownership of extended beaches due to man-made alteration, as opposed to natural accretion. Follow-up will be provided on this site. However, based on the questions and arguments before the Supreme Court it is difficult to determine on which rule of law the Supreme Court will rule on.

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Summer Has Proven to Be a Banner Year for EFFI at Work Beautifying the Traffic Islands

TheEFFI, Eastham Forum Flower Island, Volunteers, led by tireless Vida DeMale, have completed their annual preparation, planting and care of the traffic Islands within the Town of Eastham. If you have time available during the summer months and would like to assist as a volunteer in this effort, please contact Vida and she will set you up with a team.

And if you appreciate the efforts of the Volunteers, please feel free to acknowledge them, when you see them working on the Islands with a honk and a wave.


Be Informed on the Direction Eastham is Going

Be informed and make your voice heard. The Eastham Forum Website will be providing links to Town of Eastham Board and Committee Agendas and Minutes. Remember, your opinion is important, your input to the decision makers is vital, your reaction to their decisions should be voiced. Shortly, this website will provide you with direct linkage to email the Boards and Committees, phone contacts, and even blogs so that you can publically voice your opinions.

The links:

Selectmens Meetings click on the links:- Agendas - Minutes

Conservation Commission Meetings, click on links:Agendas -Minutes (unfortunately, not current)

Finance Committee Meetings, click on links: Agendas -Minutes (unfortunately, not current)

Planning Board Meetings, click on links" Agenda -Minutes

Zoning Board of Appeals, click on links: Agenda - Minutes

Town Meeting Calendar, click on link: Town Meeting Calendar


As an official disclaimer, the Minutes posted on the Town Website are not necessarily the "Official Minutes", The Town Clerk holds the Official Copy of the Minutes.

Many of the hearings can be seen on Cable Public Access TV, so if you cannot attend a meeting and wish to view it live, relax at home and watch the proceedings.

Wastewater Treatment for Eastham

Regardless of the politics and expense concerns for wastewater treatment for the Town of Eastham, the adverse impacts of Eastham's development and year around population over the past 25 years is taking its toll on our natural resources. Yes, we need clean healthy water to drink, but we must also consider the impact that all of us have had on the receptive natural resources in our community. Over the past 25 years, cottage colonies have become year round condominiums, seasonal cottages have become year round homes, Our year round population has near tripled. We have been developing nearer and nearer to our natural resources. We've abandoned our Cape Cod Lawns for pristine quality lawns that must be treated with chemicals to be maintained. We can have the cleanest water, but after it is processed thru our systems, or our laundry, dishwashers, fertilized, pesticized, lawns and gardens, it ends up adding dangerous toxins to the surface and sub-surface water patterns affecting our natural resources.

It is not a question of if we will eventually need wastewater treatment, but when, what kind, where, how much?

The Cape Cod Times published an article Cost for Eastham Sewers Could Reach $60M. We have already reached our threshold for a sustainable Community. It is time to take our heads out of the "getting polluted sand" and seriously investigate our options for correcting the situation that will continue to deteriorate until we take action to reverse it!!

The Eastham Forum has not officially taken a position on what needs to be done, however, we must rely on the qualified experts to diligently outline feasible options for our Community and a plan of action must be established.

Town of Eastham Board and Commission Vacancies

The Selectmen of the Town of Eastham are seeking volunteer citizens to fill various Board and Vacancy Positions. Click on the Town News page for information on what positions are open and how to apply.

Eastham Happenings

A new page has been added to our web site. Eastham Happenings. This page is dedicated to current news items and happenings that affect our Community. This page also links to notice of our departed loved ones and friends from our Community. This page will be constantly updated with news items and information that may otherwise go unnoticed. Also at the site, you will find Real-Time Live Accuweather Forecast and Radar.

Warning....Fraudulent Phone Scam. There have been reports of a phone scam on behalf of the Eastham Fire Department. In the past similar scams have been reported for the benefit of the Police Department as well. According to the Cape Cod Times Article, Capt. Jennifer Smith reported that the Fire Department in Eastham does have an annual drive, however solicitations are done by mail. This particular scam supposedly asked that you tape an envelop with money on your door. We all support our Fire Department, EMS and Police Department, and many of us owe them our lives, or the lives of our loved ones. Please feel free to contact them if you would like to donate to their benevolent funds.

But, remember, never give personal information to an unsolicited caller over the phone!!


The Minutes of the 2009 Annual Town Meeting are available for viewing..

Eastham Pond Study Report Now Available for Viewing

Ed Eichner of S-Mast (School of Marine Science and Technology) UMASS, Dartmouth, and Tom Cambereri, Water Quality Department Manager, Cape Cod Commission presented the results of the six year study of 9 of Eastham's most beautiful ponds:

Great Pond, Herring Pond, Depot Pond, Muddy Pond, Schoolhouse/Minister Pond, Jemima Pond, Widow Harding Pond and Moll's Pond.

A summary of the report is available in The Reading Room, for your review.

Or you can click on the link Eastham Pond Study Report to view the report,


The Wastewater Management Interim Needs Assessment Report, prepared in March, 2009, is now available for viewing in The Reading Room.




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