Is it Me, or......?

This is a whimsical page, but meant to be thought provoking...

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Is it me, or are leaf blowers one of the most inefficient and obnoxious tools invented?


Is it me, or has the liberal use of tasers lowered the morality of our country to the level of a banana republic?


Is it me, or are parents who trailer their toddlers behind their bicycles, on roads and even Route 6, being irresponsible?


Is it me, or are bicyclist who don't observe stop signs along the biketrail driving so as to endanger?


Is it me, or are parents who drive their children 400' to a school bus stop, instead of walking them, missing the entire point?


Is it me, or are lack of seatbelts in school busses dangerous and makes it impossible to insure children remain seated?


Is it me (because I was recently so rear-ended), or are hands on cell phone use, not to mention texting, while driving, totally out of control?


Is it me, or are the morning home paper delivery drivers out of control?


Is it me, or are the packaged food in supermarkets getting smaller and smaller while the price gets higher and higher?





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