The Polling Booth

It is important that feedback is provided to the Town on major issues affecting the Town.

This site links to a variety of questions on important issues. There are more than one polling booth, and each booth will provide three questions, based on the topics listed below.

Click on the particular polling booth sites to voice your opinion on the issues:


Polling Booth 1

  • Question 1 pertains to Alternative Energy Development in the Town
  • Question 2 pertains to Drinking Water Supply in the Town
  • Question 3 pertains to the Inclusion of all Rental Properties in the Town's Room Tax Levy

Polling Booth 2

  • Question 1 pertains to Regionalization of our Police Force
  • Question 2 pertains to Affordable Housing in the Town
  • Question 3 pertains to Sewage Treatment for the Town

Polling Booth 3

  • Question 1 pertains to the upcoming Fiscal Year Budget for FY2011
  • Question 2 pertains to the conditions of our Bay Beaches
  • Question 3 pertains to Regionalization of Town Services




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