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In the Reading Room you will find articles written by Board Members and guests who have a position or concern regarding issues facing the Town of Eastham. The articles are not necessarily the opinion of the Board of Directors or the Eastham Forum, but are meant to be educational, informative, and/or thought provoking. In the future there will be an opportunity to post comments on the articles posted. It is the intention of the Eastham Forum to encourage healthy discourse and information sharing on numerous topics that affect our Community.

Wind Generated Power vs. Solar Panels

The Eastham Forum Website intends on providing several points of view on the critical issues facing our Community. A primer discussion considering wind turbine generators and solar panels can be found by following the link Wind Generated Power vs. Solar Panels. Check the Reading Room regularly for other points of view on this and our other important issues.

On a more whimsical side, the Eastham Forum Website has added a new page of thoughtful, albeit whimsical, look at the obvious, yet often ingnored state of things that surround and possibly annoy us. Click on the link Is it me, or.....? to see if you, too, have had the same thoughtful insights. Please read the Disclaimer on the page, as the page is presented for whimsical thought and does not represent the opinions or position of the Eastham Forum.


What Can Be Done To Improve The Conditions of Our Bay Beaches?

In 2006, the State convened the Coastal Hazard Committee to assess the conditions of the Massachusetts coasts for vulnerability to coastal and flooding hazards, vulnerability of property and infrastructures, options for mitigation and prevention of storm and flood related impacts, resource and habitat concerns, and regulatory and policy conflicts.

The Committee was made of a core of State Legislatures, and Environmental Department Heads, with Sub-Committees composed of members of the Committees as well as Scientists, Coastal Geologists and Engineers who are experts in their fields from both the public and private sectors.

The goal of the Committee was to present an outline for Legislature approval and adoption so that the State can move forward with the recommendations presented in their Coastal Hazard Committee Final Report. To view the report click on the link Coastal Hazard Committee Final Report.

Subsequent to the Coastal Hazard Report, the State Implemented the creation of a Committee to develop an Ocean Management Plan. As with the Coastal Hazard Committee, the Ocean Management Committee was composed of State Legislatures and Department Heads, with Sub-Committees who are experts in their fields. The purpose of this Committee was to develop an Ocean Management Plan that takes into account all the interests of competing parties and resources that utilize the Ocean Resources.

There have been numerous public hearings as to the findings and recommendations incorporated in the Draft Report of the Coastal Management Committee. The Draft Report is published in two volumes, with additional technical reports and figures.

Of significant interest to the Town of Eastham is the potential for off-shore mining of sand for possible beach nourishment to improve the conditions of our Bay Beaches.

Click on the following links to view the Draft Report:

Ocean Management Committee Draft Report, Volume 1

Volume 1 Figures

Ocean Management Committee Draft Report, Volume 2

Volume 2 Figures

Technical Reports:



Transportation, Navigation and Infrastructure


Recreation and Cultural Services

Renewable Energy


A public comment period is open until November 23, 2009. Comments can be made in writing either on-line thru the State Email Portal or by mail to:

Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management

Re: Draft Ocean Management Plan

251 Causeway Street, Suite 800

Boston, MA 02114

A log of public comments can be viewed on the Ocean Management Log site.

Even if you choose not to comment, we encourage that the citizens and taxpayers of the Town of Eastham be familiar with the findings and recommendations of the report so that viable options can be evaluated to improve the conditions of our beaches.


Why Not a Drop Off Zone???

Once again we had plenty of the beautiful summer weather that draws us, and tourists to the beautiful beaches along the National Seashore. However, current Seashore policies prohibit the drop off of passengers at the entrance to the beaches. This practice hurts not only the residents of Eastham, but also the tourist economy of the Town.

The policy causes frustration for the would be beachgoers, frustration for the Rangers who have to enforce and explain to the would be beachgoersthis somewhat unreasonable policy, immense traffic problems caused by the would be beachgoers as they search for a place to beach, or merely drop off their passengers, tremendous amount of gasoline consumption that goes hand-in-hand with the traffic, and sends tourists to the more friendly policies further down the Lower Cape.

Is it time for the National Seashore Administration to re-visit their policy and make provisions for safe drop off zones?

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