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Eastham Firefighters and Patrolmen Help Their Community

Let us not forget that our Firefighters and Patrolmen are members of our Community, they are our neighbors, relatives and friends. They have consistently used funds raised through their Associations to help provide safety equipment in a timely manner, thus avoiding the arduous process of Capital Expenditure Plans and Town Funding procedures. Below is another example of their efforts in serving our community as reported in Wicked Cape Local:

Eastham Fire Fighters Local 2975 and the Eastham Patrolmen’s Union Local 368 have donated two cabinets for automatic external defibrillators to Nauset Regional High School.

“The alarmed cabinets will allow the automatic external defibrillators to be accessible, not only during the school day for students and staff, but also during night and weekend events at the school,” said health teacher Geoff Leary.

More than 150 students and staff at the high school are certified by the American Red Cross to use these life-saving defibrillators.

Thank you, guys and ladies of the Fire Department and Police Department for always being there for us, and being an important member of our Community.


Follow-up on the NSTAR Herbicide Use

Well, the Selectmen took an original good stand to protect our groundwater and eliminate the Herbicide spreading along the NSTAR Right of Way. However, the Selectmen withdrew their opposition for fear of being criticized, see Cape Cod Times article Eastham Drops Planned Ban on Pesticide Spraying. For the Selectment and the Town Administration, it should be time to move to Plan B. Town Counsel advised the Town that it is limited in its ability to mandate conditions on how NSTAR should or shouldn't maintain the Right of Way. However, the Town's Plan B should be to investigate this further. Surely there are negotiations that can be entered with NSTAR, surely there must be some legal precedent on limitations a utility can be held to when maintaining a Right of Way within a watershed, common aquifer area.

Eastham should join efforts with its neighboring Towns with common aquifer issues and seek a negotiated settlement with NSTAR, before it even considers throwing in the towel.


Previous Article (note that the facts below were superseded by the above):

Herbicide or Bushwackers?

NSTAR has planned to commence the spreading of herbicides along the electric company's right of way. Eastham does not have Town water. What happens when the herbicides leach into the ground?

This matter was the topic of a hearing this past week, as contractors were scheduled to commence the application of herbicides, again, along the right of way. The Cape Cod Times covered the story and it can be found on the link NSTAR Herbicide Program and the story in the Cape Codder NSTAR Gets an Earfull.

The program was suspended, and now Wellfleet and Orleans are filing the same complaint.



Eastham Selects New Permanent Police Chief

Edward Kulhawik was just chosen by the Selectmen to replace the recently retired Richard Hedlund as Eastham's new Permanent Police Chief. Kulhawik was ultimately chosen out of two finalists after the Selectmen and Town Administrator, Sheila Vanderhoef, reviewed 74 Applicants. Chief Kulhawik will start as Eastham Police Chief on August 1st. More information on the new Chief and the hiring can be read on the Cape Cod Times News Link Eastham's New Police Chief. In the Interim, Deputy Chief Kenneth Roderick served as Acting Chief, and will continue in that capacity until the new Chief arrives. Deputy Chief Roderick was much liked in his Acting role and did a yeoman's job as Acting Chief. Our Community is lucky to have such qualified professionals as Acting Chief Roderick, who can seamlessly step into the Leadership roles when called upon. Our thanks and appreciation to Deputy Chief Roderick.

Henry Lind, Eastham's Natural Resource Officer Retires

Henry Lind, Eastham's Natural Resource Officer, retired after 34 years of service to the Community. Henry helped the Town usher in the State's Wetlands Protection Act and guided the Eastham Conservation Commission for years since. A summary of his accomplishments can be found on the Cape Cod Times link Henry Lind Retires. Eastham has been lucky to have such a dedicated and knowledgable professional for so many years in a time when other communities found that position to be a revolving door. A tip of the hat to Henry Lind.


Vacancies on Town Boards and Commissions

There are several vacancies on key Town Boards and Commissions. These Boards and Commissions are comprised of volunteer citizens of the Town and are appointed by the Selectmen. Boards and Commissions are the steering committees and/or permit and enforcement branches of our Town Government. Although the Selectmen would wish to fill the positions with previously experienced and trained individuals for the particular Board or Commission, the most important asset that one can bring is clear thinking, determination to learn and understand the pertinent governing policies, regulations and By Laws, fairness and open minds, availability and time to devote to the Board and Commission meeting schedules, willingness to do necessary study on issues brought before the Board/Commission.

Some of the Boards/Commissions have full time staff to help guide the volunteer members on the governing regulations, policies and By Laws. However, the Board/Commission members play the vital role of ultimate interpretation of the guidance.

Many of our regulations, policies and By Laws need constant tweeking and adjustments as technology, living and development norms are constantly changing. It is these Board and Commission members who are in the "trenches" dealing with those issues on a regular basis, and ultimately guide our Community to adopt changes or restrictions to maintain and enhance the Standards, Productivity, Economy and Quality of Life of our Community.

Please follow this link Town of Eastham Vacancies to the Town of Eastham site where the openings are posted and a link is available to apply for a position.

Appointments will be made during the month of July, or until the positions are filled.

You Can Make a Difference in Our Community!

Recent MCAS Scores are Published for Nauset Regional School District and Eastham Elementary School

The test results are in! The Cape Cod Times Article, Cape Students MCAS Gains, summarizes the results of the MCAS tests for the Cape Schools and School Systems. The Nauset Regional School District Scores showed that the School District held steady to the high standards already established by the District students. Although there were minor shufflings upward and downward within the Proficient grade scores and the Advanced grade Scores, the School System maintains a very low percentage of students with warning/failing scores, as compared to the Cape and the remainder of the State.

The Eastham Elementary School shows improvements in Proficient and Advanced grade scores with virtually no students with warning/failing scores.

This all is a result of a strong will and working alliance between the school administration and teachers, the parents and the students, as well as the strong and continued support of our communities.

Congratulations to all, and remember, the children are our investment in all of our futures.


Public Presentation on the Eastham Ponds Study Report was held on Tuesday, May 26th, 7 PM at the Eastham Town Hall. The Report can be viewed in The Reading Room.

Town Meeting was held on May 4th, 7 PM at the Nauset High School Auditorium. Click on Annual Town Meeting Minutes for the full Town Meeting Minutes.

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